Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alchemical Offerings

Ouroboros Press in Seattle is offering two original pieces, the Alchemical Cabinet, and the title plate illustration from Jocus Severus.


The Alchemical Cabinet

 “The trompe le oil cabinet evokes the arcane laboratories of renaissance-era alchemists who established the precedent for the focus of Robert Allen Bartlett’s acclaimed book, ‘Real Alchemy’. The painting was created to adorn the cover of this quintessential text, and is now being offered for sale, after having been exhibited at the 2011 Esoteric Book Conference.

The composition highlights an evocation from the renown Ripley Scroll, Of the White and the Red, Lo Here is the True Deed.  Glyphs denoting the four elements and the seven planetary powers are orbiting solomon’s seal, while two ouroboros serpents devour one another in the transformative ceremony of opposites. The figurative architecture of the cabinet alludes to the mysterious contents of various 16th century Wunderkammern, wherein the paraphernalia crucial to the Magnum Opus might be safely kept. Genuine laboratory ephemera embellishes the work in the form of simmering carbuncles and pearlescent vials. Rich in allegory, the scene embodies the alchemist’s endeavor to transform the lowest of principals to the highest.

This original painting is beautifully framed, and will assuredly be the highlight of any original alchemical art collection.”

Jocus Severus title plate

 “This original pen and ink drawing was rendered at the bequest of William Kiesel for his exquisite pressing of the allegorical tale Jocus Severus, by the renaissance alchemist, Count Michael Maier. The artwork is inspired by the engraving which appeared in the original 17th century text, and shows 15 different species of avids flocking to attend a resurrecting phoenix. Crowned by a glorious owl, the image provides an enchanting vision of the metaphoric nuances of the text.

The drawing is impressively matted and framed, making an inviting presentation to be contemplated & explored”

Please direct all inquiries to Ouroboros Press.

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