Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gymnogyps californianus at Thinkspace Gallery


Unveiling a portrait drawing of Gymnogyps californianus, to be on exhibit in the 'Wild at Heart' group show, at the Thinkspace Galley from May 26, 2012 to June 9, 2012

The drawing is executed in pen, ink & gouache on paper.  Framed piece measures 16.5" x 21"
Interested collectors please contact Andrew Hosner at the Thinkspace Gallery. 

The grotesquely magnificent California Condor is here rendered in the aesthetic of late renaissance engravings that depicted new-world explorers. These portraits tended to embellish the subject with flora, fauna and allegorical motifs that indicated various conquests and discoveries. In this case, the identity of the 'explorer' has been supplanted by an intimate rendering of Gymnogyps californianus, the California Condor. The symbolic elements convey various details about the the bird's identity within the californian context, both geographically and conceptually, establishing the significance of this species within a certain time and space. The endangered species of the Condor is here exalted through arcane portraiture. To be remembered, honored, & protected.

From the Thinkspace website:

"'Wild at Heart: Keep Wildlife in the Wild',  is an exhibition to raise awareness about the precarious predicament of wild creatures around the world, and to benefit efforts to protect them in their natural habitat. Featuring a stellar cast of more than 100 artists from all corners of the art world, this exhibition brings together some of the most profound and innovative voices making art today. In recognition of the imperiled state of much of the world’s wildlife, each artist will apply their own unique perspective to our relationship with the fascinating creatures with whom we share our planet.

Thinkspace will donate 20% of the sale price of each piece of art to Born Free USA and the Animal Protection Institute, which operate jointly as a non-profit organization that advocates worldwide for the ethical treatment and protection of wild animals, and also maintains a large sanctuary for rescued primates."

To learn more about the exhibition, please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website.

Thinkspace Gallery is located at  6009 Washington Blvd.|Culver City, CA 90232

 Opening Reception for the show is Saturday, May 26th from 5-8 PM

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