Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fyrnask art nominated for best album cover of 2013

The artwork for Fyrnask's "Eldir Nótt" has been nominated for the Best Art Vinyl 2013 prize in the United Kingdom. Announced via news outlets such as the BBC, METRO, and Design Week.

From the Design Week article:

 "Having released some of 2013’s biggest-selling records, Paul McCartney, Elton John and Daft Punk are now among artists in the running for the Best Art Vinyl 2013 prize.
Now in its ninth year, Art Vinyl puts record sleeve designs to a public vote in an effort to find the year’s best cover.
A 50-strong shortlist has been drawn up, with big-name pop stars alongside lesser-known groups such as FYRNASK,  Ras G and Pissed Jeans. Designers on the shortlist include Big Active, Leif Podhajsky and YES.
Art Vinyl founder Andrew Heeps suggests that the award is ‘possibly the most credible end-of-year award, where the artistic merits of the completely unknown can sit alongside big names in music – albeit in celebration of their visual identity’."

The complete roster of selected albums, which includes an album cover by renown UK artist, Damien Hirst, can be seen on the Metro website, and on the Design Week website. The Vierling Fyrnask cover is #22 in the list.

Voting on the best album cover is open to the general public, and can be done directly at the Art Vinyl website. 


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mandragora officinarum & CLAVIS

The second issue of the Clavis Journal features the painting, Mandragora officarum, as a companion illustration for an article about the infamous Mandrake plant. Also included in this issue is the painting, The Path, alongside artworks by other notable peers and colleagues including Madeline von Foerster, Hagen von Tulien, and Timo Ketola.

The second issue of the journal will be officially released Saturday, the 16th of November, at the Anna Miliksetian | MJBrigss Gallery in Los Angeles. Two Vierling paintings will be on display at the event. Interested collectors please contact the Clavis Journal for more information.

From the Clavis Website:

Clavis Journal is a book-quality occult periodical published every nine months by Clavis Editions, a collaborative endeavor between Three Hands Press and Ouroboros Press. At over 200 pages, its second volume contains 17 essays by some of the most cogent esoteric authors of our time, including Henrik Bogdan, Gordan Djurdjevic, Andrew D. Chumbley, and Gemma Gary. Volume 2 builds upon the tradition established in our maiden volume: ”A Journal of Occult Arts, Letters, and Experience“.

To mark its release, an official launch party will be held on Saturday the 16th of November in Los Angeles, California from 7:00-10:00 PM at Anna Meliksetian | MJBriggs Gallery. Our guest speaker will be Gordan Djurdjevic, who will give a brief talk on the Thelemic goddess Babalon, the subject of his essay in CLAVIS 2.

The event will also feature the exhibited artworks Tom Allen, Billy Davis, Caroline Hamilton-Giles, Carlos Melgoza and Benjamin Vierling whose work appears along with other artists in Volume 2. Several of the artists will be in attendance, and refreshments will be served.

Ouroboros Press and Three Hands Press titles will be on hand for sale, as will be selections of original art from our artists. Announcements on future works from the publishers will also be made.

To order a copy of the journal, please visit the Clavis website. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Autumnal Aural Collaborations.

The advent of Autumn has seen the unveiling of numerous pairings between image and sound. Paramount amongst them are two illustration projects with renown poster artist and longtime colleague, David D'Andrea. The cooperative process has facilitated the creation of several uniquely graphic images, the first being a panoramic display for the German band, Fyrnask. The artwork appears in the layout of Eldir Nótt release, available through ToT Records in Sweden.

Another Vierling & D'Andrea collaboration has manifested in the form of a 3 color silk-screened tour poster for several international Heavy Metal bands. The poster was printed at Broken Press in Seattle. Soon to be available for online purchase.