Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sacred Heart fine art print

Sacred Heart by Benjamin Vierling
Sacred Heart is an original egg tempera & oil painting by Benjamin A. Vierling. Exhibited in the autumn of 2011 at the Cologne Art Fair, and in the Storytellers show, Strychnin Gallery, Germany. 

Presenting the limited edition of 250 signed & numbered 6 color lithographic prints, reproduced in a 16" x 20" format on archival coated stock. Published in cooperation with Three Hands Press, California. The pre-orders have all shipped, and the print is still available here: BUY PRINT

The cyclical function of the heart is relevant here, pumping life in and out through its undulating rhythm. The intention was to elaborate on the expiating function of the Sacred Heart devotion; the assimilation of baneful poisons is catalyzed by passion and manifests as visionary power. The Heart is a crucible wherein the transformation takes place. The outpouring of virtue and venom sustains a diverse menagerie of small creatures. There are 13 individual species represented amongst the foliage and flowers. Their activities and interactions speak of the complex web of life that sustains them all, the Sacred Heart at the center.

At its core, this work is about the dynamic relationships that exist between flora and fauna, color and form, spirit and matter. The viewer is encouraged to enter into this beguiling realm to experience individual catharsis.

The image also appears on the cover of Daniel Schulke's book, Veneficium, and is further discussed in this Interview.

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