Thursday, October 22, 2015

Spectral Lore artwork at Krab Jab Studio

The original artwork for Spectral Lore II is on display and available at Krab Jab Studio in Seattle.

Rendered in graphite, ink, and polymer pigments on panel, the work is beautifully framed in a 22" x 22" format.

Depicting passage through the sinister woods of initiation, the image follows the pilgrim who is guided through the tangled thorns and treacherous pathways by a crimson bird; a psychopomp who provides luminous insights and protection along the way. Lurking in the shadowy depths of the wood can be seen the gnarled limbs of those who have come before and failed to persevere, their forlorn gestures reaching up to form a cathedral vault of knotted boughs. The solitary wanderer stands at the threshold, silhouetted against the distant light, his long shadow already behind him. The darkest hour has been conquered, the next phase of the journey beckons.

The image appears on the album cover of Spectral Lore II, released by ToT Records in Sweden. As is exemplary with Vierling's collaborations, the rich symbolism in the image correlates with the lyrical themes explored in the music.

Interested collectors please contact Krab Jab Studio

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