Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gemini in Constellation Group Show

Unveiling Gemini, an ink and gouache rendering on toned paper.

The original will be displayed in the Constellation group show, curated by Yvette Endrijautzki. The Opening reception will be held on Thursday, March 13, at the True Love Gallery in Seattle. 

Vierling's Gemini image explores the hallmarks of the third zodiacal sign with meticulously crafted symbolic nuance.

"The Jester holds the dualistic personae of comedy and tragedy in his wry hands. Under the idiot's crested cowl is the glittering cosmic face of the infinite; the inquisitive mind that is the signature attribute of Gemini. Alternating masks invert established paradigms in order to discover oblique truths, embodying the maxim, Nichts ist wahr, Alles ist erlaubt. On the Jester's motley shoulder perches a bi-toned Magpie, trickster and collector of mischief par excellence.

An ornate strap-work frame orbits the central subject, exploring Gemini's many faces through myth and iconography. In each corner, a spherical device provides a vehicle for measuring the empirical. The miniature scene at the zenith illustrates Gemini's heraldic twins, Romulus and Remus.To the left is an enshrined Caduceus. To the right is the book of words, a locked vessel flanked by opposing cherubim who silently proclaim, as above so below.

At the nadir, the theater of strategy recedes into the architectural edifice on a playing field of black & white checkered tiles. The black Knight has conquered the adversity in his path, threatening the white King with checkmate. Unseen players may yet determine the fate of this deadly game. Expect the unexpected. Gemini's dance with destiny can change tunes with the flip of a coin."

At the True Love Art Gallery in March.
Opening Thursday the 13th, 5 PM to Midnight.

and at the Fulcrum Gallery for the month of April. 
Opening Friday the 11th, 6 to 10 PM

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