Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Papaver Somniferum & The Chamber of Wonders Exhibit

The original Papaver Somniferum painting will be on display from December 14th- January 2nd in the Enlightenment Cabinet: Chamber of Wonders group show, curated by Yvette Endrijautzki, at Krab Jab Studio in Seattle. The exhibit features an eclectic array of international artists.

The Wunderkammer (chamber of wonders) arose during the Renaissance in Europe as universal and encyclopedic collections that would capture all of the lore and knowledge of an epoch. Also known by various names such as Cabinet of Wonders, Kunstkammer, or Curiosity Cabinets, they also formed collections that were precursors to museums.

Portraying a memory theater and microcosm of the world, including odd objects belonging to natural history, archaeology, religious relics, curio paintings, science and antiquities.... 

The opening reception is Saturday, December 14th, from 6:00 PM. - 9:00 PM.
Krab Jab Studio. 5628 Airport Way S. Ste 246, Georgetown, Seattle. WA.  98108.
Event is concurrent with the Georgetown Art Attack.

Drawing from a rich legacy of botanical illustration, Papaver Somniferum evokes the Geist of the infamous opium poppy in meticulously rendered splendor. This image of the Red King originally appeared in the now renown Infernal Proteus musical herbal compilation, published by :AJNA: in 2002. The book features artworks by Madeline von Foerster, Markus Wolff and others, embellishing a presentation 90 pages long with 4 CDs containing over 40 different musical artists. The book has long since sold out. 

In addition to Papaver Somniferum, a small egg tempera and oil painting titled, 'Corvidae Skull' will also be exhibited at Krab Jab Studio, within the Quoth the Raven group show. On display from January 11th through January 30th. Both works are offered for sale. Interested collectors please contact Krab Jab Studio directly.

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