Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On The Powers of the Sphinx

Ajna Records has released it's latest cult musical offering, a full length LP titled On The Powers of the Sphinx, for which I have created all the artwork. The record is available through Ajna.

The following is from the record label press release:

" The allegory of the Sphinx points to Man. Both are composed of the four Elements, but in Man they exist in different proportions and are unbalanced, while in the Sphinx the Elements are harmonious and synergistic. The Sphinx represents the perfected Man, the Magus. The Four Powers of the Sphinx are "the four words of the Magus," the "four indispensable conditions" which bring Man to the state of perfection and balance.

Confronting the Riddle through image, painter Benjamin Vierling has created a series of visuals that demonstrate the fourfold process of the Sanctum Regnum. Beginning with the cover illustration, the initiate passes beyond the threshold, like Oedipus, into the impermeable spheres, wherein each performer has conjured a musical rite for one of the elemental quadrants, the intention being sealed with a unique glyph. The synthesis and transmutation is sealed on the obverse of the presentation."

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