Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumn exhibitions in Germany


Gli Amanti. 2011. 51 cm x 40.5 cm. Egg Tempera & Oil on Panel. 

New paintings will be on display this autumn at the ART.FAIR in Cologne, and then through December at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, for the Storytellers show.

The Art Fair exhibition runs from the 29th of October through the 1rst of November at the Staatenhaus am Rheinpark, Cologne. All new paintings will be displayed at the Strychnin Gallery booth along side works by artists Madeline von Foerster, Marina Bychkova, David Hochbaum, David Stoupakis, Daniel van Nes & others.  For more information please visit the ART.FAIR website.

The Storytellers show will feature new paintings from 2011 with thematically relevant works from the archives. A conjoined exhibition with Marcus Poston, Raf Veulemans, & Saturno Butto.  On display from November 11th through December 18th, 2011. Opening reception on November 11th. 7 PM. Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

Interested collectors please contact the Strychnin Gallery

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